What is a ‘Skills Passport’?

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Let me ask you a question. What is one thing that you can’t be without when you’re travelling abroad, aside from your backpack, wallet, or snack? Yes, you guessed it – your passport! Your passport is a piece of ID verifying who you are and where you are from, opening doors for your journey.

What about applying a similar concept in the labour market? What if there was a passport for newcomers verifying what skills and experiences they have that would open doors for their career journey? This is why the SPRINT (Skills Passport for Newcomers in Tech) project was created and developed.

According to the B.C. Immigrant Employment Experience report by Vancity, BC immigrants largely find Canada to be accepting and supportive, but when it comes to finding employment, there are some frustrations around their international credentials and experience not being recognized.

In addition to credential evaluation, competency assessments and skills validation tools can have a big impact on the employment outcomes of newcomers. Especially in the non-regulated industries, SPRINT is focusing on, having access to a set of complementary resources can help employers and newcomers in bridging skills gaps.

By implementing the concept of a ‘Skills Passport’ comprised of academic credential evaluation, occupation-specific competency assessment, and industry designation, SPRINT aims to connect employers and immigrant talent to the ongoing success of Canada’s fast-growing industries.

Do you have your passport ready for landing? Don’t forget your ‘Skills Passport’ for your success in Canada! Sign up for SPRINT and start your journey today.